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Ultra light tool to change the default Windows 7 Libraries' location to another drive.

  • Changes the location of the libraries to D. We are currently working on a new version that allows you choose another drive. Meanwhile, if a D drive doesn't exist it won't change anything in your system.
  • Shows successfully message at the end. We are currently working on a new version that shows the message in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
  • Works in all Window 7 and Windows 2008 R2 editions, in all languagues and on both x86 and amd64.
  • If there is already a folder called Documents, Music, Picture or Videos it will change the libraries but won't delete the folder content.
  • Only does changes in libraries where is needed.

Capture Setlibraries.png

Developed by Ricardo Polo and Sergio Calderón.
Uses the Windows7Library PowerShell module created by Ragnar Harper.

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